(A brief history of the Oughterard Anglers & Boatmen’s Association)

Oughterard Anglers and Boatmen’s Association is the one of oldest trout angling clubs in Ireland, dating back over a hundred years.

With Oughterard Hatchery commencing operations in 1852 local anglers, who were involved with the hatchery, formed an angling group which eventually lead to the start of the present day club.

Through the course of time Oughterard Anglers have been to the fore in the protection of Lough Corrib and the Owenriff River, which runs through Oughterard before flowing out into the lake.

The rod licence dispute in the 1980’s saw Oughterard Anglers heavily involved in public protest and ultimately in negotiations with the government of the day to resolve the issues.

In the mid 1990’s the Club, with the help of Lough Corrib Angling Federation, financed the study and publication of the book: “Lough Corrib - A Cause of Concern” by Dr. Rodrick O’Sullivan BDS M.Sc. This study involved taking water samples at over 30 different sites on the lough and was one of the biggest of its kind ever undertaken in Ireland.

Through the summer of 2004 the Club helped facilitate Dr. Evelyn Moorkens with her study of the Pearl Mussel in the Owenriff River. Two years later, 2006, the Club where involved in Rachel Cave & Tiernan Henry’s (Dept. of Earth & Ocean Sciences, NUIG) publication - “Study of Chemistry & Flows of the Owenriff River”.

Between 2004 and 2005 the Club, in conjunction with Carra/Mask/Corrib Water Protection Group, held three public meetings in Oughterard to highlight pollution issues in the Lough Corrib catchment.

In 2009 the Oughterard Club held the official opening of their Wheelchair Access Facility on Club land at the Boathouse.

The project, which also included a new slip way, leveling and widening of the parking area, new lighting and painting of the Boathouse, was financed by The Oughterard Anglers & Boatmen’s Assoc., Western Regional Fisheries Board, and the Connacht Angling Council (T.A.F.I.).

At present the Club is in the process of seeking grant aid to develop access to 3 acres of Club land on the banks of the Owenriff River for our youth membership. This area was kindly donated to the Oughterard Anglers by a very generous Club member.

It is hoped that, in time, we will have the finance to develop this land to facilitate training and competitions for our U16 membership.



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