Lough Corrib sits in the heart of Co. Galway providing some of the best wild brown trout and salmon fishing in Ireland and Europe. The Corrib, as it is affectionately known, lies mainly in Co. Galway with beautiful Connemara on its western shoreline, and borders Co. Mayo to the north.

Oughterard Anglers and Boatman’s Association was established over a hundred years ago by a group of enthusiastic anglers who’s ambition was to promote the sport of angling in the West of Ireland. To the present day angling is still a big part of the social fabric of Oughterard and its people and offers both a way of life for many and a great escape for many more.

The vast expanses of Lough Corrib, over thirty miles long, combined with the ever changing weather conditions offer an infinite variety of opportunities to experience that which is most sacred to the keen angler, the thrill of hooking a truly wild creature who’s crafty elusiveness and natural beauty makes each catch, and release if you wish so, a truly memorable event. With an island for every day of the year, The Corrib offers numerous bay’s and shallow’s for that perfect drift when casting a fly.

Fishing season on Lough Corrib opens on February 15th and closes on September 30th. Through the course of the season Oughterard Anglers host about six angling competitions (see News & Events page). May sees the busiest time for fishing in Oughterard with the coming of the Mayfly, when local children can be seen selling live Mayfly for anglers to go dapping, a method of floating the natural fly on the wave.

So please, don’t take our word for it, go out and do it for yourself and see why such an important resource should be cherished and protected. By joining our club you can be a member of a group whose ambition is to promote and protect Lough Corrib as a wild brown trout and salmon fishery for many generations to come.